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Edamame Patties

I LOVE edamame. A few nights ago I was staring at these green, shelled beans in the freezer, wondering just what to do with them. I usually mix them in with pasta or quinoa. Sometimes I snack on them solo. But that night, I wanted something different. I figured, treat them like any other […]

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Orange Beet Salad

The Fresh Beet is long overdue for another beet recipe. More beets please! I love how beets let you know exactly where they’ve been… Don’t like beets? Please try them this way before casting them aside for good. The oranges really bring out the sweetness of the beets here, and the goat cheese adds a […]

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How To Cook Spaghetti Squash

One of my goals in life is to get people cooking more. Not only will healthy home cooking lead to a healthier being, cooking is a basic human skill that can and should be carried throughout life. There are many reasons that people don’t cook more - and believe me, I’ve heard them all. But […]

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Stuffed Endive

Belgian endive can be a bitter lettuce on its own, which is why it’s good to pair it with something sweet and savory to balance out the flavor. These fun “endive boats” are filled with toasted walnuts, goat cheese, fresh orange pieces and balsamic drizzle. SO GOOD. If you remember from one of my previous […]

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Veggie Spring Rolls

These are really fun to make and present beautifully as an appetizer. I made them for a great dinner party and served them with a Ponzu dipping sauce (which I did not make - store bought all the way). Stuffed with cucumbers, carrots, peppers, spinach, basil and cilantro, these tapioca-rice wraps package a nice crunch. […]

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Coriander Infused Farro

Coriander seed is one of those spices I often pass over when picking through the spice cabinet. I’m just never really sure how to use it, or incorporate it into an everyday meal. So, one day I was boiling farro and decided to just throw is some coriander. POW! BABOOM! SHAZAM! I put way too […]

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Garlic Ginger Mustard Greens

Looking for a new green to spice up your life? Try adding mustard greens to your dinner this weekend. Nibble on a piece of this stuff raw and you’ll see why they’re called mustard greens. They’re a little spicy on their own, but the addition of garlic and ginger kicks up the spice factor a […]

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Zesty Penne with Edamame and Swiss Chard

Looking for a quick dinner or side dish? This takes about 30 minutes and is pretty simple to prepare. Whole wheat penne and edamame pack this dish with protein and fiber, as well as a hearty serving of disease preventing soy isoflavones. A little orange juice and zest cut the bitterness that chard can often […]

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