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Black Bean Polenta Bowl

Polenta is simply ground corn which can be cooked in a number of ways. Boiling dry polenta gives you a delicious and creamy porridge - aka, grits. (For more on grits, check out my post on Shrimp and Grits, with a little history of my beloved corn buds). Likewise, polenta is also sold precooked, refrigerated […]

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Spicy Cabbage and Potatoes

I love cabbage. I love potatoes. Put them together and you’ve got an almost Polish party. The only thing missing is some sausage…but I’m vegetarian, so we won’t go there. Sweet potatoes and purple potatoes add great color, and are more nutrient dense than white potatoes. This is great as a side dish or as […]

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Farro Likes to Party

With other vegetables, that is. This time, my farro meshed quite well with some asparagus, mushrooms and peas. It also enjoyed being surrounded by a scarf of raw mustard greens, and being lightly sprinkled with some freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Interesting tid-bits about this dish: Mustard greens paired with peas create a complete protein (didn’t learn that […]

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Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

I love the simplicity of grain salads. They can be made in large quantities ahead of time and eaten throughout the week. It makes lunchtime a little easier and you are still guaranteed a flavorful and nutritious meal. I chose to use quinoa because it cooks up quickly and it has a great protein profile; however, any grain would […]

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Autumn Roasted Brussels and Apples

Although available year round, brussels and apples are seasonally considered fall specific foods. This simple recipe allowed me to introduce them to each other, and I think it’s safe to say that they will now be friends to the end. Just toss together equal parts of halved brussel sprouts and chopped apples with enough olive […]

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