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{Cheap&Complete} Tuna and Chickpea Bowtie Pasta with Veggies

Argentina had some slim pickin’s when it came to grocery shopping. But I have to say this was one of the more tasty meals I was able to scrounge up. Pasta and beans are cheap and cook up quickly. We’ve been eating quite a bit of these things while traveling because time and money are […]

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Poor Man’s Delicious Lentils, Veggies and Plantains

We made lunch at home to save a little money. Produce is very cheap here and there is no option for conventionally grown vs organically grown. Why? Because most of it is not Organic. And although there are very few organic farms here in Spain, the movement is definitely rising. More on that later… In any event, little […]

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Vietnamese Noodle Soup

After eating at Little Saigon, I’ve been dying to re-create one of their awesome soups. The time has come. It’s basically a buckwheat noodle soup filled with vegetables, garlic, ginger, jalapeño and cilantro. Such great flavor combinations. Don’t let this seemingly light broth-based soup fool you. It’s jam packed with fiber, got some moderate protein and a […]

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Super Quick Lunch on Kiawah Island

I know, I know… I’m actually blogging about a processed, store bought meal. But hey, I don’t eat this stuff very often and something about warm soup on this cold 50 degree day sounded extremely appealing. And to be honest, I have to say this is probably one of the better convenience food choices out […]

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