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I know, I know… I’m actually blogging about a processed, store bought meal. But hey, I don’t eat this stuff very often and something about warm soup on this cold 50 degree day sounded extremely appealing.

And to be honest, I have to say this is probably one of the better convenience food choices out there. The only two ingredients I wasn’t too familiar with were disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate. Derived from shitake mushrooms, they are used as flavor enhancers to reduce the amount of sodium chloride (aka- salt) needed. The sodium content, however, is still pretty high, giving you 54% of your daily need. But again, if you typically eat a diet full of fresh and wholesome foods, chances are you can get by with a little extra salt from time to time. Everything in moderation.

Rather than microwaving everything, I cooked it on the stove and added my own broccoli and scallion (fresh scallion from Dad’s garden - thanks Dad!).

The oily sheen on top is from the chili oil - looks weird, I know, but it’s normal!

David had a warm turkey and swiss sandwich on country wheat.

We are thoroughly enjoying our stay at a cute villa on Kiawah Island for several days. Lots of beautiful marshland and beach out here. The cold weather is slowly creeping in - giving my florida skin a chance to gradually acclimate.

Back on our bikes and to the beach we go…

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