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My New Found Love For Peruvian Cooking

I have always heard that Peruvian cuisine is among the best in the world. And how true it is! Ceviche, stuffed peppers, choclo (maize), quinoa, and amazing varieties of fruit; not to mention the 3000+ varieties of potatoes grown here. Perhaps the only negative is their excessive pairing of rice with potatoes at many meals. […]

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Put An Egg On It

On leftovers, that is. It’s always nice to make a little extra of whatever you’re cooking for a quick reheat meal the next day. Especially vegetables; having vegetables in the house already prepared increases your likelihood for eating them. So make ‘em, keep ‘em and reheat ‘em! I used leftover greens and broccoli from a […]

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Spicy Cabbage and Potatoes

I love cabbage. I love potatoes. Put them together and you’ve got an almost Polish party. The only thing missing is some sausage…but I’m vegetarian, so we won’t go there. Sweet potatoes and purple potatoes add great color, and are more nutrient dense than white potatoes. This is great as a side dish or as […]

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What a Delicious Mistake!

During my endeavor to create the Spanish Potato and Spinach Tortilla recipe from this months Cooking Light magazine, I quickly realized it was going to be a bust. I knew from the beginning that I didn’t quite have all of the necessary ingredients, but I thought I would improvise. I had purple sweet potatoes, not […]

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