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Bowtie Pasta with Edamame Puree

Looking for a new pasta sauce idea? Creating a puree with any vegetable can act as a sauce and as a great way to get in more nutrients with a pasta dish. Broccoli, carrot and squash purees are great with pasta. So why not edamame? Because this sauce is a little thick, you can use […]

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Risotto with Peas and Parm

Made with an Italian short grain rice known as Arborio, risotto is a nice change from other grains. It’s high starch content creates a creamy consistency when cooked while slowly adding stock. Unfortunately, arborio rice lacks any kind of noteworthy nutrition. But hey, it tastes great, it fills the hungry belly and it makes people happy. […]

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Put An Egg On It

On leftovers, that is. It’s always nice to make a little extra of whatever you’re cooking for a quick reheat meal the next day. Especially vegetables; having vegetables in the house already prepared increases your likelihood for eating them. So make ‘em, keep ‘em and reheat ‘em! I used leftover greens and broccoli from a […]

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Roasted Red Pepper, Greens and Hummus on Ciabatta

These small whole grain ciabatta rolls are great for sandwiches. Just cut them in half, spread on some hummus and top with your favorite veggies. Here, I added sliced red onion, spinach, mustard greens and a thick slice of roasted red pepper. The red peppers came from a jar, which are quite convenient, but you could […]

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Spicy Cabbage and Potatoes

I love cabbage. I love potatoes. Put them together and you’ve got an almost Polish party. The only thing missing is some sausage…but I’m vegetarian, so we won’t go there. Sweet potatoes and purple potatoes add great color, and are more nutrient dense than white potatoes. This is great as a side dish or as […]

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Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

I love the simplicity of grain salads. They can be made in large quantities ahead of time and eaten throughout the week. It makes lunchtime a little easier and you are still guaranteed a flavorful and nutritious meal. I chose to use quinoa because it cooks up quickly and it has a great protein profile; however, any grain would […]

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Carrot. Apple. Ginger. Lemon.

Simple ingredients. Fresh food. Clean flavor. Juicing is such a nice treat and a great nutritious addition to anyone’s day. Lately, I have been surrounded by juicers. First with Lindsay’s juicer, with which we made an awesome beet juice, and now with Colleen’s. The Juicing Gods are totally on my side right now and I […]

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Recipe Redux: Butternut Squash and Black Bean Burritos

It’s that time of the month again. Well, recipe time anyway. The Recipe Redux ingredient this month is our choice of any orange antioxidant rich veggie! Right away I thought pumpkin. But I decided to give my pumpkin obsession a rest and let butternut squash take the show this time around. Naturally sweet, butternut squash […]

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