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Developing a healthy lifestyle takes time and commitment. We all have barriers in life which prevent us from making healthy food choices, exercising more and stressing less. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are ways to better manage your time to fit a little exercise into your day. Finding out what your barriers are and how to overcome them is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Make the choice today to start living a healthier life. Let’s explore your barriers and together find a solution that works for you.

Online Nutrition Advising

Click here to schedule an appointment. Communicating online has never been more convenient and simple. The website on which we will correspond (PopExpert) is extremely user friendly. Plus, your first session with me is 50% off!

We can chat face to face on the web, correspond by email or meet in person - your choice. During our first session, we can discuss your medical history and current eating habits which will be used to develop an individualized nutrition plan. Our follow up sessions will be used for discovering barriers and creating solutions. I provide nutrition coaching for:

General Nutrition

Meal Planning/Recipe Development

Disease Management

Weight Loss/Gain


Nutrition Analysis with Recommendations

Ever wonder how healthy you really eat? Let’s take a look! I’ll send you forms to track your typical dietary habits over the course of 1 week and then analyze them for a detailed nutrition report. You will also receive recommendations on how to improve your diet.


Cooking Demos

It’s no secret that I love to cook. So let me show you how to create simple, delicious and nutritious meals in person. These demos are available to individuals, families and groups.


Home Visits

Great for individuals and families looking to eat healthier and save a little money by cooking meals at home. Let’s go through your kitchen and create a more functional environment to foster healthy eating. Next, I can help you build a grocery list and then better navigate the grocery store to avoid those deceiving health claims. Lastly, let’s end the session with a little cooking.


Seminars & Public Speaking Events

Are you seeking the expertise of a Dietitian to present evidence based nutrition information for an event or small gathering? Contact me with your topics of interest and I would be happy to help.


Please email me for more information or to schedule a service: [email protected]