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Quinoa Salad In A Jar {Recipe Redux}

The Recipe Redux strikes again! My last few posts have been dedicated to the Recipe Redux Avocado Contest, which has kept me happily busy in the kitchen creating things like chocolate pudding and avocado crab salad. But now it is time to make a little something for the Recipe Redux monthly theme, and this months recipe […]

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5 Nutritious and Quenching Summer Salads

The warm (and often humid) summer weather begs for fresh juicy fruits thrown into salads. It’s a great way to boost the nutrients in your salad, add a serving of fruit to your day and quench your summer driven thirst. Spinach and crisp red cabbage topped with juicy orange slices, red onion, sunflower seeds and […]

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Black Bean Tempeh Bowls with Sauteed Greens & Seared Tomatoes

I love tempeh and I’m always looking for great ways to use it. Tempeh is simply fermented soy beans. It is high in biologically available protein and is a great source of fiber. Because the beans have been fermented, they are full of healthy bacteria that our intestines need to stay healthy. The greens in […]

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Spinach, Cheese and Honey Crisp Sandwich

I was revisiting the photos from Spain and stumbled upon this tasty snack I made in Valencia. I believe it was our last day there and we had just a few things left in the fridge; cheese, spinach and scallion were among them. We always had a fresh baguette and fruit of some sort. And […]

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Roasted Red Pepper, Greens and Hummus on Ciabatta

These small whole grain ciabatta rolls are great for sandwiches. Just cut them in half, spread on some hummus and top with your favorite veggies. Here, I added sliced red onion, spinach, mustard greens and a thick slice of roasted red pepper. The red peppers came from a jar, which are quite convenient, but you could […]

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My Juicy Sunday

I spent the weekend with my brother and sister in-law (Charles and Lindsay), and finally got the chance to juice my own fruit and veg! I was super excited. Buying these fresh juices at farmers markets and Whole Foods is a nice treat, but it’s so fun to DIY too. If, of course, you already have […]

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