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Quinoa Salad In A Jar {Recipe Redux}

The Recipe Redux strikes again! My last few posts have been dedicated to the Recipe Redux Avocado Contest, which has kept me happily busy in the kitchen creating things like chocolate pudding and avocado crab salad. But now it is time to make a little something for the Recipe Redux monthly theme, and this months recipe […]

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Spice Up Your Salad

Last night for dinner I threw together an arugula salad with pears, toasted pecans and blue cheese. It was so lovely I wanted it again for lunch today, but this time I added some red onion and topped it all off with a sprinkle of cinnamon and cayenne pepper. SO good. sweet + salty + […]

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{Recipe ReDux} Vintage Dishes: Waldorf Salad

Ah, waldorf salad. Apples, grapes, celery and walnuts all melded together with some of that good ole fashioned glue we call mayo. I used to love this stuff. But my taste for mayo has changed and I can’t bear to eat things covered in it. [Well, except maybe egg salad-but I'm modest with the mayo] This […]

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Salad Nicoise

Pronounced “knee-swah”, this French salad is not your typical light fare. Salad Nicoise is a mixture of tomatoes, green beans, onions, olives, tuna, hard boiled egg and potatoes tossed in a vinaigrette and placed over salad greens. The potatoes, tuna and hard boiled egg give this salad a nice heartiness. Paired with a little homemade rosemary focaccia and you’ve […]

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Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

I love the simplicity of grain salads. They can be made in large quantities ahead of time and eaten throughout the week. It makes lunchtime a little easier and you are still guaranteed a flavorful and nutritious meal. I chose to use quinoa because it cooks up quickly and it has a great protein profile; however, any grain would […]

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Keep It Simple Salad

Made it to Greenville! It’s been a hectic past couple of days trying to get things packed up for the long haul to my new home. But I’m here and I’m loving it. With the exception of today’s rainy day, the weather is absolutely wonderful - sunny, lower to mid 70′s and NO humidity. At least […]

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Roasted Beets over Arugula

With my last 2 garden fresh beets I brought back from Michigan, I decided to roast them. I typically boil beets - it’s quick, easy and they taste great. However, roasting them with a little olive oil, salt and pepper offers a deeper sweetness and a slightly firm and crisp exterior. For about 350 calories, this […]

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