Keep It Simple Salad

Made it to Greenville! It’s been a hectic past couple of days trying to get things packed up for the long haul to my new home. But I’m here and I’m loving it. With the exception of today’s rainy day, the weather is absolutely wonderful - sunny, lower to mid 70′s and NO humidity. At least nothing compared to Florida’s humidity. I’m looking forward to a nice run in this perfect weather.

As my second day here, unpacking and relaxing has taken up most of my time, so a nice light salad seemed to be the answer for lunch. It was a communal effort; Colleen and I threw together a semi-Greek inspired salad in a matter of minutes and paired it with some bread and hummus. Simple. Nourishing. Delicious.
Spinach. Red leaf lettuce. Fennel. Kalamata olives. Banana peppers. Red peppers. Red onion. Chickpeas. Feta cheese.
The fennel was a nice addition to the salad, with it’s licorice-like flavor and good source of vitamin C and potassium. I didn’t get a picture, but we also topped the salads with some leftover Christmas lima beans from last nights dinner. I had always seen them in magazines but never had the opportunity to try them, as they aren’t very common in Florida. They are larger than your typical lima bean and have a beautiful purple and red coloring. And yes, they taste great. These limas have a deep hearty flavor when boiled and lightly seasoned. If you haven’t tried them, seek them out!
I tried to play around with DT’s camera a little. It’s a Sony a57 and we’ve got some nice lenses. There is still much to learn with using this camera but I thought this green filter was cool. Tomorrow is calling for some kitchen and camera experimentation time, so look out for some tasty dishes and hopefully great pictures.
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