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Pasta in an Eggplant Case

So I’ve been carrying around this pasta cookbook for about 6 years now, and this is the first recipe I’ve attempted to make from it. Honestly, the cookbook is a little intimidating. There are tons of cheeses with names I cannot pronounce, LONG ingredient lists and what seems to be pretty labor intensive pasta dishes […]

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{Cheap&Complete} Tuna and Chickpea Bowtie Pasta with Veggies

Argentina had some slim pickin’s when it came to grocery shopping. But I have to say this was one of the more tasty meals I was able to scrounge up. Pasta and beans are cheap and cook up quickly. We’ve been eating quite a bit of these things while traveling because time and money are […]

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My Limited-Ingredient, Vegetarian Take on Tapas: Caramelized Onion, Arugula and Pesto

In our efforts to save some money we decided to cook at home a couple nights. This time, it was my version of tapas with a vegetarian twist. Tapas in Spain are generally made with some kind of meat and cheese placed on sliced baguette. Other tapas may be various types of marinated olives, small […]

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Baked Penne with Mustard Greens

It’s been a while since I’ve had an ultimately satisfying pasta dish. My sicilian grandmother would be ashamed. It’s so easy to throw together and it tastes so wonderful. Boil some pasta, add some vegetables, spices/herbs and cheese, and bake until done. Pair it with a leafy green salad and you’ve got yourself a nutrient dense meal. Baked Penne […]

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