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On leftovers, that is.

It’s always nice to make a little extra of whatever you’re cooking for a quick reheat meal the next day. Especially vegetables; having vegetables in the house already prepared increases your likelihood for eating them. So make ’em, keep ’em and reheat ’em!

I used leftover greens and broccoli from a previous stir fry meal, and leftover mixed potatoes from my Spicy Cabbage and Potatoes meal. The over-easy egg is my favorite to throw onto lots of things, as the runny yolk acts as its own delicious and yes, nutritious sauce. While egg yolks are cholesterol rich, they also provide great sources of selenium (useful for our body’s antioxidant systems) and choline (aids in eye health, among other benefits). Eggs are truly nutritional powerhouses, and unless you’re downing 3 eggs every day or currently have high cholesterol, don’t fret about the fat.

Cheers to a balanced breakfast and getting your veggies in for the morning!

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