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Healthy Stir-fry with Quinoa {How To}

Stir-fry is definitely one of my go-to meals for something quick and tasty. It’s a relatively simple dish that is sure to satisfy. I like my stir-fry’s multicultural, so South American quinoa often meets with Asian/Thai vegetables. Quinoa packs more protein than the typical white (or even brown) rice served with stir-fry, and since I […]

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How To Make Croutons

It’s so easy! And homemade croutons taste SO good. Mostly because they’re homemade - all that focused effort and TLC just makes homemade food taste delicious. What to put them on: throw them on salads, toss them in soups. They’re great for adding texture to any dish. You can even throw them in your food […]

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How To Cook Spaghetti Squash

One of my goals in life is to get people cooking more. Not only will healthy home cooking lead to a healthier being, cooking is a basic human skill that can and should be carried throughout life. There are many reasons that people don’t cook more - and believe me, I’ve heard them all. But […]

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I Love Oatmeal

Left: Old fashioned rolled oats Right: Steel cut oats Oatmeal: the wonder breakfast which somehow got a bad reputation; one of being too bland and too mushy. Well, when choosing pre-packaged instant oatmeal, mushy is just what you will get! Making a simple and scrumptious bowl of oatmeal in the morning does not have […]

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