How To Make Croutons


It’s so easy! And homemade croutons taste SO good. Mostly because they’re homemade - all that focused effort and TLC just makes homemade food taste delicious.

What to put them on: throw them on salads, toss them in soups. They’re great for adding texture to any dish. You can even throw them in your food processor and grind them up to use as breadcrumbs.


What kind of bread to use: any bread from sandwich bread to baguettes, to ciabatta to foccacia. Whatever you have around the house.


I used stale Ciabatta buns.

Stale Bread vs. Fresh Bread - Using stale bread is a great way to use up old bread you may otherwise toss in the trash or feed to the birds. Stale bread makes for super crunchy croutons that go great in soup. Using soft, fresh bread keeps your croutons a little less crunchy but absorbs more flavor from seasonings. Throw these on salads or use if you don’t like ultra crunchy foods.


Lightly drizzled with butter olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper, and a garlic parmesan herb mix.

How To: Simply cut your bread into bite size crouton pieces, toss or spray with a little olive oil and season with salt, herbs, spices and/or grated hard cheese. Pop in the oven at 350 for about 10-15 minutes and you’ve got croutons. Keep an eye on the croutons every 3 minutes - these suckers will burn quickly!


What dishes do you like to sprinkle with croutons?


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