Lenin’s Tomb and a Russian Feast

George and Colleen hosted their monthly book club dinner last week and what a hit the meal was. Colleen spent a solid couple hours shimmying around the kitchen to prepare this, and although I didn’t concoct a single dish, I just had to share the success with everyone.

On the Reading List: Lenin’s Tomb, The Last Days of the Soviet Empire written by David Remnick. I did not read the book (just ate the awesome food!) but the Council on Foreign Affairs gives a good overview if your interested.

On the Menu: Chicken Paprikash over Noodles, Borscht, Cabbage and Brown Bread, and Russian Apple Pie

I’m guessing you see the theme here - It would appear only natural to pair a Russian read with a Russian Feast…


Chicken Paprikash over Egg Noodles

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the noodles, but this simple chicken dish is absolutely phenomenal.

Simply saute sliced onions and bell peppers in olive oil, salt and pepper. Add tomatoes/tomato sauce, tomato paste, chicken (previously cooked in stock) and of course paprika.

The result is moist, flavorful and satisfying.


Cooked Cabbage with carraway and fennel seeds

Those seeds add mad flavor and will no doubt switch up your typical cooked cabbage routine. They lend such a unique taste and aroma that really brings out the sweetness of the cabbage.



Of course. Beet soup cooked down with onions, carrots, cabbage and finished off with a little sour cream. Serve it warm - it’s cold outside.


Russian Black Bread

One of my favorite parts of the meal. Rye bread made with molasses, fennel and carraway. Again, unique flavors and packed into a moist bread which serves as a great Borscht-dipper.

I urge you to hold a Russian dinner at home for yourself on night - it’s fun to switch up dinner and it’s a great way to broaden your palette and introduce new flavors.

Cultivate creativity in your kitchen tonight…

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