A Satisfying Morning at the Charleston Farmer’s Market

Aren’t these carrots just a bunch of gems? Their diverse colors just scream antioxidants. Although I’m a huge fan of the taste of carrots, sometimes I buy foods just because they look pretty.

Did you know carrots were more commonly purple until about 400 years ago when the domestication of the orange carrot started occurring? Thanks to cross-pollination and other (non-genetic) breeding techniques, fruits and vegetables can come in all shapes and sizes, colors and flavor intensities.

The farmers market this morning was bustling, as usual. I wish I could have taken my camera to capture more photos, but I took a morning yoga class just before heading to the market and didn’t plan to bring the camera. So I’m left with capturing what we bought at the market instead, which I hope is in no way disappointing!

Peaches! David loves peaches. I love peaches too, but he REALLY has zeal for them. I swear the man can’t walk by one without eating it. But hey, he’s got a healthy appetite and I’m not complaining.

We believe peaches are best eaten either hunched over outside or leaning over the sink. Slurping up their juices, bite by bite is a marvelous, life enhancing experience and it should be fully enjoyed and appreciated. I also love that, minus the stone, there is no waste. You can eat the whole dang thing.

Luckily the market is just a bike ride away - it was about to storm and we had to get somewhere fast so we could eat all of this fruit we just bought.

It’s berry season and I’m just as happy as a clam. A quick rinse of these locally grown blueberries and strawberries…

oh, and some more peach (caught juicy handed)…

and we had ourselves a fruit fest. It was the perfect snack to quench our hunger-thirst after an intense yoga session and an 80-something degree jaunt around town. Fruit is truly nature’s fast food.

What do you like about the farmers market?

pixel A Satisfying Morning at the Charleston Farmers Market

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