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Orange Beet Salad

By On September 27, 2023

The Fresh Beet is long overdue for another beet recipe. More beets please! I love how beets let you know exactly where they’ve been… Don’t like beets? Please try them this way… Read More

Lunch and Dinner

Summer Bean Salad

By On August 29, 2023

Today I needed a quick lunch and I had a couple summer veggies lounging around that needed to be used up. Nothing is quicker than doing a rough chop through some onions… Read More

Lunch and Dinner

Mango Avocado Crab Salad

By On August 17, 2023

  “I received free samples of California Avocado mentioned in this post. By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by California Avocado and am eligible to win prizes… Read More

Lunch and Dinner

5 Nutritious and Quenching Summer Salads

By On July 28, 2023

The warm (and often humid) summer weather begs for fresh juicy fruits thrown into salads. It’s a great way to boost the nutrients in your salad, add a serving of fruit to… Read More

Lunch and Dinner

July 4th Recipe Recap: Healthy Slaw, Potato Salad & Shrimp Tacos

By On July 5, 2023

This hot and sunny 4th of July was a relaxing one, enjoying some great food and a couple Leinenkugels by the pool with my favorite guy and puppies. I took a healthy… Read More

Food for Thought

A True Garden Salad

By On February 28, 2024

One of the great things about staying with Gill and Jorge in Aranjuez is the availability of the awesome organic veg! Gill has experimented in the garden and created a “salad bed” - a… Read More


Black Bean-Edamame Salad

By On January 14, 2024

A great source of soluble fiber, beans help to reduce cholesterol levels and regulate blood sugar. They are packed with tons of nutrients and should be a part of our diet even… Read More


Spice Up Your Salad

By On November 30, 2023

Last night for dinner I threw together an arugula salad with pears, toasted pecans and blue cheese. It was so lovely I wanted it again for lunch today, but this time I… Read More


Vintage Dishes: Waldorf Salad

By On November 21, 2023

Ah, waldorf salad. Apples, grapes, celery and walnuts all melded together with some of that good ole fashioned glue we call mayo. I used to love this stuff. But my taste for mayo… Read More

Lunch and Dinner

Salad Nicoise

By On November 14, 2023

Pronounced “knee-swah”, this French salad is not your typical light fare. Salad Nicoise is a mixture of tomatoes, green beans, onions, olives, tuna, hard boiled egg and potatoes tossed in a vinaigrette and placed… Read More