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How to Stick to Your Workout Plan & Achieve Your Goals

By On August 26, 2023

Last week I talked about varying the intensity, duration, and volume of your workouts to avoid plateauing. This week I’m going to tell you how to keep that up over the long… Read More

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Why Your Routine Exercise Regimen Isn’t Giving You Results

By On August 20, 2023

Routine is fantastic. I mean it. I absolutely love routine. It can make your life productive and efficient. But here’s the thing, routine exercise can lead to complete and utter stagnation and… Read More

Food for Thought

Why I Walk Eight Flights Of Stairs At Work

By On August 13, 2023

I call it my mid-morning stretch. Every workday at 10AM I get up from my desk and walk down eight flights of stairs then outside, around the block, and lastly back up… Read More