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I’m Eating Meat Again…And a Rant on Sustainability

Ah yes, I'm eating meat again. Once in awhile that is. With my heavy plant-based diet, there's room for some sustainably grown meat every now and then. Afterall, we are omnivores by nature.   Animals raised locally without antibiotics and in humane conditions...

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Jack’s Cafe - Cusco, Peru

We took an 11 hour night bus from Arequipa to Cusco, Peru. I believe the Incan Gods were shining their grace upon us because our initial mediocre bus broke down hours before departure, granting us the opportunity to ride on a more luxurious bus with full cama seats...

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My New Found Love For Peruvian Cooking

I have always heard that Peruvian cuisine is among the best in the world. And how true it is! Ceviche, stuffed peppers, choclo (maize), quinoa, and amazing varieties of fruit; not to mention the 3000+ varieties of potatoes grown here. Perhaps the only negative is...

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