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We took an 11 hour night bus from Arequipa to Cusco, Peru. I believe the Incan Gods were shining their grace upon us because our initial mediocre bus broke down hours before departure, granting us the opportunity to ride on a more luxurious bus with full cama seats (where the seats fold ALL THE WAY back - like a bed) and a pretty tasty dinner. We were stoked.

We arrived at 6am and decided to continue our luxuries and go all out on a nice breakfast. Well, we were super hungry, which is really why we went all out. And the fact that several people told us we MUST try Jack’s Cafe.

Their spectacular all-day breakfast menu includes strawberry banana french toast, apricot and almond muesli, huevos rancheros, porridge with fruit compote, caramelized banana pancakes and more. I only had breakfast, but I was definitely eye-balling the roasted pumpkin soup and tuscan veggie salad. That will have to wait until next time.

We both chose breakfast plate combos…one vegetarian and one standard…

Vegetarian: Scrambled eggs on top of house baked brioche, flame roasted tomatoes (which may have been the best part of this dish), peruvian cheese, avocado, stewed fava beans and herb roasted potatoes. Every single item had a wonderful flavor. It was absolutely satisfying.

The standard: Basically the same, but without avocado and cheese, and with sausage and bacon. Both for hungry people.

And a cappuccino of course. Mostly gone because I was sipping away and talking, momentarily forgetting about taking pictures. The coffee was so good it didn’t need sugar. Perfectly roasted beans. Silky steamed milk. And a dash of cacao powder.

Going to Cusco any time soon? You must give this cafe a try. Perhaps more than once.

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