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Back in July I wrote about about Wholesome Wave’s Fruit and Vegetable Prescriptipn Program, an initiative designed to connect low income folks with nutrition related medical issues (overweight, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc.) to more fresh produce. Doctors write and refill their patients’ produce perscriptions which can be filled at the local farmers market.

I mentioned: I hope to see this program expand and flourish as a way to increase the health of our country as a whole.

And boy is it flourishing.

The San Fransisco Chronicle recently published an article demonstrating the Farm Bill’s support for this very program, providing funds for a part of the program that will double food stamp benefits when used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at participating local farmer’s markets. This slowly growing program began in 2008, and is now a major source of income for local farmers.

How about them apples?

The man who runs Wholesome Wave, Gus Schumacher, reports early results that 38% of children participating in the program have lost weight in 20 weeks. They’re also probably learning a lot more about where their food comes from and what it means to eat healthy. And farmers are earning more because of it - as they should. It’s a win-win situation.

This news makes my day - let’s keep this going.

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