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A bit overdue, I think. But great, nonetheless.

Initiated by the non-profit Wholesome Wave, The Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program was launched this past Tuesday in NYC in an effort to expose overweight and obese families to more locally grown fruits and vegetables. Through this 4-6 month program, each person in the family earns $1 Health Buck per day to be used at over 100 farmers markets in NYC. At the end of the month, they check in with their doctors to renew their Rx (which can be used weekly), have their weight and BMI measured and the option to receive nutrition counseling.

The programs use of produce from local farms increases revenue for NYC farmers markets and is a great way to strengthen community relationships. This exposure to healthy eating along with monthly support from MD’s and RD’s is creating an impact on participants’ lives. According to the 2011 Pilot results, 38% of participants decreased BMI over the 4 month period and 54% of families stated they increased their knowledge of the importance of fruits and vegetables. What a great way to start!

This program is currently available in the following states: California, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Mexico, Texas and DC.

Interested in becoming a part of this program? You can find more information here.

I hope to see this program expand and flourish as a way to increase the health of our country as a whole.

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