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Last week, David and I signed up for out first CSA (community supported agriculture) subscription since moving to Charleston and I couldn’t be more excited. I didn’t realize how many CSA programs existed in Charleston and I didn’t really know how to go about choosing one. I basically pulled a list of them up on my computer, closed my eyes, and placed my finger on the screen. Lowland Farms it is!

Take a look at what’s in this week’s CSA box and what I have planned for it…

Baby Collards. A bit more tender and delicate than those large collards. I’ll probably throw some of these into salads throughout the week as well as a polenta dish for dinner one night.

Okra! I’m thinking I’ll lightly bread these with some panko and crisp them up in the oven. Aren’t the ruby ones just gorgeous?

I’ve already started pickling some okra. I’m a pickling virgin so I’m a little anxious to see how they turn out. I boiled some apple cider vinegar, water and salt and poured the brine over the jarred okra along with some garlic and a bit of chili pepper. Any tips or suggestions on pickling?



Radishes. I’ve been wanting to make some sort of apple-radish salad so I was elated to see that radishes made it into the box this week. Or maybe I’ll roast them; I’ve never done that before. Have you ever roasted radishes? If so, how do you prepare them?


Those pea shoots at the bottom right of the picture are amazing. They taste like peas! They work great in salads or as toppers for soup. Try adding them to any dish for a little extra green nutrition. Or maybe a little pea shoot pesto??

The garlic will be used in just about everything cooked. Garlic is a staple around here and is put in just about every dinner.

The pears will most likely be eaten as is for a snack, or thrown over oatmeal. Although, Giada de Laurentiis has what looks like an amazing recipe for poached pears in honey, cinnamon and ginger syrup. Yum. Giada was my favorite chef during my Food Network-obsession in college.

Pole Beans. Aren’t they pretty? I love the variation in color. Last night I boiled them with carrots, and then tossed them with a little butter, garlic and orange zest. Thinking back, I should have just steamed them (less nutrient loss - #dietitian). But they were still delicious.

I’ve got a ton of arugula. Of course it will go in salads, but I’m also thinking that this arugula will make it’s way into a healthier mac and cheese dish and probably a pizza of sorts this week 🙂

As for the eggplant, I think I’ll make David Lebovitz’s Baba Ganoush. This recipe includes smoked salt - which I have, but use very rarely - and cilantro, which I also have, and need to use up!

What is your experience with a CSA and how do you use up your box?


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