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Breakfast is, by far, my favorite meal of the day and I’m constantly searching for ways to switch it up. I love my oatmeal and eggs, but it’s fun to create something a little different every now and then. This dish is a revamped version of my Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dip with apples.

It incorporates fruit, whole grains and nuts; a hearty combination that is sure to keep you going throughout the morning.

Start by chopping up about 1 cup of fruit - I chose to do a combination of apples and pears to use what’s in season. And because they go nicely with the peanut butter pumpkin dip. But choose what you like! Bananas would also be great.

Then add in about 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of the peanut butter pumpkin dip (link to the recipe can be found above in the first paragraph).

Next, top with any whole grain cereal you like. I used shredded wheat to keep it simple. Some cereals may overpower the other foods, preventing the pumpkin, peanut butter and fruit flavors from coming through. Throw on some raisins (or other dried fruit) and pepitas (or other nuts/seeds).

Stir it up and enjoy! It looks a little messy but it’s SO GOOD. Peanut butter often makes me thirsty, so the second time I tried this, I decided to add milk (soy) and eat it like cereal…

The peanut butter pumpkin dip coats each piece of fruit, creating a joyous mouthful of all flavors. Om nom nom.

For just under 500 calories, this breakfast dish nourishes your body with:

15g protein, 12g fiber, 68% daily value of Vitamin A, and is a great source of Vitamin E, potassium, zinc and copper.

How about them apples?

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