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Jeremiah Goat and Dairy Farm

By July 2, 2023 Charleston, SC

A few weeks ago, I drove to Johns Island to pay a visit to the Jeremiah Goat and Dairy Farm. If you live in Charleston and are obsessed with goats like me, you’ve got to visit this place. You can walk right into their pens and pet them all you want.

The farm is run by husband and wife, Tim and Casey Price. While the extensive variety of produce they farm is meant to feed themselves, they do sell their fresh, Grade A raw goat’s milk. They had no intention of selling the milk when they first started their dairy farm years ago; it was just for them and their friends. But word got around and people with lactose intolerance, Crohn’s disease, and other digestive conditions found this milk to be much more tolerable than cows milk and even healing on some level. If you’re curious about trying goats milk for yourself this seems to be the place in Charleston to get it. Casey and her husband are licensed to sell it raw and the milk is prepared in a DHEC-approved kitchen.

Casey gave me a phenomenal tour of her land, pointing out the vast array of fruits, veggies, and herbs they are growing. Tomatoes, corn, avocado, citrus, banana, fig, squash, onions, beans, basil, parsley, stevia…I could go on. The variety is so impressive. The photos below depict my visit to this farm. I didn’t capture everything that I saw mostly because I was too busy experiencing it.

I encourage you to take your own visit and let Casey give you a farm tour complete with a complementary goats milk tasting; if you’re lucky enough, you might also get a little cheese tasting drizzled in honey and sprinkled with lavender…

Fresh goat milk cheese covered in honey and lavender

In addition to farm tours, they also offer cheese making classes — follow them on Facebook to see what they’re up to. In a time where we all have become so distant from the true source of our food, Casey is dedicated to helping us rekindle this lost relationship. Her passion is to help people reconnect with nature and teach them where their food comes from. Her passion is evident the minute she meets you and I can assure you that you’ll have nothing less than a meaningful experience.




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