Dark Chocolate Bark


Chocolate. It’s what’s for dinner.


I wish.

But here’s a great idea for making your own chocolate bark at home for dessert or for a little pick me up. All you need is chocolate, fruit, nuts, pretzels or anything else you might like in your bark. And one healthy tip…go for the dark stuff:

At least 60% cocoa or more. The higher the percentage of actual cocoa in the chocolate, the less sugar. Chocolate with 80%-100% cocoa is pretty bitter, but those varieties are just swimming with antioxidants.

Cocoa is loaded with antioxidants. One reason dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate (besides the sugar content) is because dairy appears to interfere with antioxidant activity - most likely the calcium in dairy. So if you’re looking to get all those great antioxidants from your dark chocolate treat, don’t wash it down with a glass of milk!

Cocoa has also been seen to reduce blood pressure, improve insulin resistance and of course, improve mood :) But like everything, even dark chocolate is best consumed in moderation, so shoot for no more than 3.5 oz/day.




These are great to pack in gift baskets or to bring to a holiday dinner party.

What do will you put in your bark?

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