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            关于时间的英语谚语 throughout the ages--千秋万代


            1、Time and tide wait for no man--岁月不等人
            2、Time flies!--光阴似箭
            3、Time heals all wounds--时间能够治疗一切创伤
            4、He that gains time gains all things--赢得时间的人就赢得一切
            5、Art is long, and time is fleeting--艺术长存,光阴易逝
            6、Money lost, little lost; time lost, everything lost--丢钱事小,失时事大
            7、Time tries friends as fire tries gold--时间考验朋友,烈火考验黄金。
            8、Time tries all things--时间检验一切。
            9、Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today--今日事,今日毕。
            10、There is time for everything--凡事皆有时。
            11、Do not squander time---that’s the stuff life is made of--不要浪费时间,因生命由它而成。
            12、Nothing can be done without time just as no one can live without air--没有时间,我们做不成任何事;正如没有空气,我们根本不能生存。
            13、A hero is nothing but a product of his time--时事造英雄。
            14、One today is worth two tomorrows--一个今天等于两个明天。
            15、Time is like the water sucked in sponge: if you squeeze, you can always get some--时间象水,只要去挤总是有的。

            1、accumulate through long years--日积月累
            2、at the end of one’s rope--日暮途穷
            3、day and night--日日夜夜
            5、night and day; day in and day out--日以继夜
            6、Every minute counts--分秒必争
            7、at a critical moment--千钧一发
            8、throughout the ages--千秋万代
            9、once in a blue moon--千载难逢
            10、year after year; from year to year--穷年累月
            11、like the sun setting beyond the western hills; on the wane--日落西山
            12、leap year--闰年
            13、in an instant; in a twinkle--霎时间
            14、the first ten days of a month--上旬
            15、late at night--深更半夜
            16、Time has changed--时过境迁
            17、change at every moment--瞬息万变
            18、be cursed for ever by posterity; remain infamous in history--遗臭万年
            19、all the time; constantly--无时无刻
            20、donkey’s years猴年马月
            21、be on the increase day by day--与日俱增
            22、grow more and more prosperous--蒸蒸日上
            23、someday; when the day comes--有朝一日
            24、can be expected soon--指日可待
            25、at tremendous speed; by leaps and bounds--一日千里
            26、all the year round; throughout the year--一年到头
            27、the rest of one’s life; one’s remaining years--有生之年
            28、new era; new epoch--新纪元
            29、prolong one’s life--延年益寿

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